Monthly Archives: November 2008

O.J Simpson convicted of robbery and kidnap

O.J Simpson, a former football star faces another robbery case after 13 years. This time it is not only case for robbery but kidnapping is also involved. The jury of nine women and three men found Simpson and co-defendant found guilty on basis of audio and video tapes provided by authorities from Las Vegas, Nevada,… Read More »

Does Bone Marrow Cure Aids?

Yesterday I have read in the news paper that scientists found cure for AIDS. It is good news for us because; many people are suffering from HIV. Now there is a chance for all of them to become a normal person. There is also a call for universal immunization for AIDS. These developments are giving… Read More »

Internet to go space very soon

It may be easy to send information from one end of the earth to other. Easy means that you won’t require to pluck your hair until data is transmitted to your system. The broadband speed these days though not as amusing, is at satisfactory level. When it comes to transfer of information between planets and… Read More »

The tech response for the recent down turn

If we see what the position of technology industry earlier this year was, it appeared like the mighty hero of Achilles in Trojan War; unbeatable, existing so much power enough to rule the world’s economy. And now what appears is the poor Achilles hit by on his heel by Paris; roaring in pain of layoffs… Read More »

Susan Lucci gets only 24 from Judges

From past few years, dancing reality shows increased rapidly on televisions and celebrities are also participating in this reality shows. Actress of “All My Children” Susan Lucci participated with Tony Dovalani as her professional partner in ABC’S popular dance show and this couple got eliminated on Wednesday, November 5, 2008. Total scores in the show… Read More »