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Functions and Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in maintaining the immunity, minimize occurrence of common cold. It also enhances the absorption of mineral iron, works as an antioxidant. People with higher blood levels of vitamin C are under less risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases and cancer. Vitamin C can be consumed in the form of… Read More »

Difference Between RFID and Barcode Technology

Barcode is the most prevalent method of labeling used today. Almost every product, which is being sold, has its own barcode, which makes it easier for the cashier to know the correct price of the product. A new tagging or labeling method known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), utilizes radio waves to fetch the data… Read More »

Different Types Of Application Software

Application software is a major type of computer software and it is also called as end-user program. This software is used to edit text, numbers, and graphics and utilizes the capacities of a computer for the completion of task. The application software includes database programs, word processors, and spread sheets etc. Types of application software… Read More »

Benefits Of Flexibility Training

A joint’s ability to move through a full range of motion is called flexibility. Flexibility training also known as flexibility stretching helps in balancing muscle groups that are used excessively at the time of exercise or physical activity.   Some of the benefits are listed below: Improved physical performance: A flexible joint enables the individual… Read More »

Major Trends in Car Designs

The new tend in creating car designs are using car design software. The car design software will converts the physical design of the car in to digital version. The special features of car design software are image rendering, version control, audit trail management, and printing. The major trends in car designs are: Leaping headlamps: The… Read More »

Ireland to become insurance hub for Zurich

Zurich financial service announced that it was transferring the majority of its general insurance portfolios to Ireland from Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Zurich Insurance plc (ZIP) is a European Union based risk carrier in Ireland. The intention of transferring general insurance portfolios is to simplify Zurich’s legal structure and improve capital management. Last year the… Read More »

Duties Of A Baby Nurse

A baby nurse is also known as newborn specialist is an experienced and trained professional and visits the newborn’s home and organizes an in-home training program for the new parents. This program can be for days or weeks of the baby’s life, they help parents in getting adapted and familiarize them with a number of… Read More »

Tips To Interview A Candidate

Before holding an interview, interviewer should have clear and better picture of what qualities and talents the job profile requires and should know the importance of selection criteria. While interviewing the individual, first make sure that you find out about the professional past of the person and details about his or her personal life. Verify… Read More »

Different Types Of Plants For Indoor Container Home Garden

These days most of the people are living in apartments. They don’t have sufficient place for garden. But you can create garden in containers like pots, tires, boxes etc. You can place that container plants at your balcony, windows, and door. Here are some of the plants, which can grow in containers. 1. Biennials: Canterbury… Read More »

Problems Faced By Children With Prescription Drugs

Sometimes physicians prescribe drugs which are not required and which are not permitted for children. Drugs, which have dangerous side effects and are toxic in nature, can lead to death. The prescription of psychotropic drugs to children is considered as one the most faulty features of medical practice. A most familiar prescription drug problem in… Read More »