Campaigning in Iraq the US style

By | February 1, 2009

The people of Iraq find the western culture very attractive. Being in the clutches of a tyranny and an old fashioned government, they find it great to be free and to do what ever they like without many restrictions.

The description even implies to the politicians of Iraq who have been campaigning in Iraq the U.S style. With the inspiration from the recent elections in U.S, the Iraqi politicians have started campaigning in their locality with U.S campaigning strategies, for the elections.

This resembles a significant shift in Iraqis lifestyle since 2005. The first elections in Iraq were conducted were conducted on 2005 where politicians campaigned in a kind of radical environment. But now they are very confident about their security and all that stuff, which makes them to go to their people in order to ask for votes.

I don’t know how Iraqi citizens liked their previous elections, but this time they are going to enjoy their democracy.