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How to Select a Car for Teens

It is important to select a right car for teenagers, which will give safety and happiness when they are improving there driving skills. Some tips that will help to selecting a car for teenagers are mentioned below. Size matters a lot Teenagers having very excitement of driving. At the same time they are interested to […]

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Mouth Problems in Children

In childhood children face many mouth problems such as cold sores, canker sores, oral thrush and herpangina. In this article we will discuss about each of the mouth problem along with its causes, symptoms and treatment. Cold sores: It is commonly seen in children. Cold sores are also called fever blisters though it does not […]

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Drug Abuse and Its Impact on Teens

Illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, opium, methamphetamine and so on are consumed for happiness and excitement. The drug addiction by teens is increasing these days because of two main reasons, peer pressure and depression. Youth are mostly found to be forced by their peers for drug abuse. It is also found that, when teens come […]

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How Children Learn Easily Through Educational Videos

Generally children have a natural curiosity about things around them, especially about the nature. They keep asking number of questions about many things like ‘how hot is the Sun’, ‘Why does moon change’ etc. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to answer all their questions. However, turning them down will due to lack of time […]

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How Do Glow Sticks Work

Though glow sticks were invented 25 years ago, they are still popular and are being used. They are plastic tubes which emit light. They are used by many people throughout the world. Many do not know how they work. Glow sticks provide strong light without using any battery or electricity. And, they are perfect safety […]

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How to Detect Intake of Drugs in Teens by Using Saliva Drug Testing at Home

Regardless of the considerations of the age, many people are using drugs in an illegal way. Even the kids and the teens are addicted to drugs. So, the drug testing is done in schools and colleges for preventing the usage of drugs, as it spoils both career and health. Apart from the educational institutions, parents […]

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Facts Parents Need to Know About Marijuana Abuse

Effect of the marijuana on user is dependent on the strength or potency of the THC which is presented in marijuana. It is most illegal drug in U.S. Marijuana is taken from hemp plant. People never heard of it in US before 1960, but it got pretty famous in the later years. According to government […]

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