How to Detect Intake of Drugs in Teens by Using Saliva Drug Testing at Home

By | August 17, 2010

Regardless of the considerations of the age, many people are using drugs in an illegal way. Even the kids and the teens are addicted to drugs. So, the drug testing is done in schools and colleges for preventing the usage of drugs, as it spoils both career and health. Apart from the educational institutions, parents should also take care of their kid or teenager.

For conducting the drug testing, different samples are taken into consideration. The various types of drug testing which are used mostly are the blood drug testing, saliva drug testing, sweat drug testing, hair drug testing, Urine drug testing. Different tests can be done depending on the type of drug.

Apart from doing the drug testing, one can detect by using some simple tips, but this detection is not accurate. Check out the samples of drug in the pockets of your child or see the smell of the clothes, check whether the child is stealing the money for drugs, check the performance records, talk to the friends of your kid. But by doing all these things, you may or may not get the correct information regarding the drug usage.

So, the parents should conduct a drug test for their teenager in order to detect the type of drug. For getting the right type of drug testing method, the parents should initially do a lot of research regarding the selection of the test.
Saliva drug test is a simple and easy testing method for detection. The saliva drug testing is preferred because it can be easily done. In this test, a swab is used for testing the drug presence, the swab is inserted between the lower gums and the cheek for two minutes. Once the swab is saturated with the saliva then the drug test kit will determine the presence of the drug.

One can also do the swab test at the laboratory, here in the laboratory, a multi-purpose medical swab is used for collecting saliva then the physician will detect the presence of the drug.

Here the strip in the kit will detect the presence . If the strip contains lines then presence of the drug is not detected. If the addict uses different types of drugs then one can detect the drugs with different colored lines. If at least one line is missing, then one can detect the presence of the drug.

Now-a-days, the electronic readers are used for detecting the presence. Apart from the advantages there are also disadvantages like the parents cannot check the presence of the drug after a long period after using. The cost of these kits will be less when compared to hair and blood tests. Parents can search on internet for effective drug test kits and compare the prices of the different kits.