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The Global Internet Economy

The United States was the first to intensify the dot-com economy in major part, as the Internet was first developed at that place. United States introduced Internet access quickly and was cheap as other nations consumers used to pay by the minute for Internet access. As a result many innovative dot-com startups were introduced in… Read More »

Types Of Tax Free Organizations

The following list is a comprehensive list such organizations which are free from paying tax. This does not discuss any of the limitations upon the activities of such tax exempt organizations, which in many cases are considerable. Also, some organizations of the types listed may not qualify for non-exempt status for various reasons specified in… Read More »

Recession Doesn’t Impact Video Games Much

Parents do try to influence their kids from playing video games. But they are not much successful and we all know that. It was fine when everything was going well. But presently parents are very worried about their jobs or businesses due to the recession. Many are going jobless while many are filing bankruptcies. In… Read More »

Singapore’s tourism, affected adversely with the recession

Singapore is been known as a bigger tourism centre compared to tourism of many other nations. Recent recession hit the tourism industry of Singapore very severely. But the administration of this tiny city-state said that it hopes to recover soon. They boast of their low unemployment rate, strong business fundamentals, and the new strategies they… Read More »

Banks still not interested in making fresh loans

The US government has pumped around $187.5 billion into the national Banks including Bank of America, Citi group, JP Morgan. Whose money is it? It is from the taxpayers that Government has taken from in the form of taxes in order to help these big banks to survive even in recession and help people from… Read More »

Monroe Bancorp Bank Reports 50 Percent Lesser Profits

Asset quality issues, increase in stipulation from loan losses has resulted in 50 percent decrease of the net income for the Monroe Bancorp. According to the annual and quarterly results from the Monroe Bancorp, the net income has dropped by 49 percent in 2008 compared to the income in 2007. There was also a 48.3… Read More »

Lenovo on a job cut spree

Lenovo announced that it is going to lay off 2,500 employees. This doesn’t surprise me as I have seen many lay offs; and the number is big compared to the tenure it occurred. Lenovo is doing well since three years after its integration with IBM PCs. Lenovo has agreed that it was a success. But… Read More »

Planning to buy a house amid recession?

It’s a surprise when you look at the prices of the house around your locality. The same house which the person was not ready to sell at even $x is ready to sell it at even $y (obviously y is less than x). So, do you think it is high time to invest in real… Read More »

The tech response for the recent down turn

If we see what the position of technology industry earlier this year was, it appeared like the mighty hero of Achilles in Trojan War; unbeatable, existing so much power enough to rule the world’s economy. And now what appears is the poor Achilles hit by on his heel by Paris; roaring in pain of layoffs… Read More »