The tech response for the recent down turn

By | November 22, 2008

If we see what the position of technology industry earlier this year was, it appeared like the mighty hero of Achilles in Trojan War; unbeatable, existing so much power enough to rule the world’s economy.

And now what appears is the poor Achilles hit by on his heel by Paris; roaring in pain of layoffs and the deprived profits. Let’s put profits aside, the main issue with most of tech companies now is to survive in the industry.

And the employees, every time they are the scape goats of any thing bad in the industry.

The situation didn’t change, it was the same during 9/11 times and it is the same during economic crisis.

The first step what most of the tech companies take after the news of recession, is to hurt their recruitments. It is like slowing down recruitments or abandoning it. And then the immediate next step was layoffs.

This is a business rule. So no matter to what extent you panic, you can never stop it.

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