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Fidelity and Transparency in Translation

Due to the wide spread of translation in all the major fields, it is very important to check the quality of the translated work. The ultimate goal of the translator is to change the source language in to target language with out disturbing the original meaning. There should be some standards to check the quality… Read More »

Legal Translation and Its Requirements

It refers to the translation of legal documents such as, statutes, contracts and treaties. A legal translation requires specialist supervision because, law is culture dependent and requires a translator with an excellent understanding of both the source and target cultures. The wrong translation of a legal document may result in confusion, frustration, undue delay and… Read More »

Importance of SEO in Website Localization

Website localization is a process of modifying the content in the website according to the culture and language of target markets. Website localization involves not just mere translation, but it also includes customization of the product or content or information, totally according to the imbibed and traditional culture of the targeted market. Website localization is… Read More »

What is Certified Translation?

Many people have an inherent perception that translation means translating written content from one language into another. Certified translation indicates even more. A certified translation produces a legal record. Various governmental organizations and agencies and also non-governmental organizations like private universities will have special prerequisites for certified translations. In the United States, for a certified… Read More »