Advertising Translation and Its Importance

By | May 27, 2011

Advertising plays an important role in promoting a product. As competition among various companies is increasing, the companies are trying to enter in to the global markets to improve their market share. So, to be effective, the ads about the product or service must be delivered to the target audience in the native language. In this situation, a translator plays an important role and the translator acts as the decoder, mediator, or the negotiator.

ad server pricesAdvertising translation is defined as the means of communication of a company exporting its products or services. Translated advertising is the medium which helps the company in reaching the product to the large customer base. Types of the projects that needs to be translated in the advertising industry includes brochures, press releases, catalogs, magazines, newsletters, leaflets and website translation, etc.

Ad serverAdvertising translations are very helpful in international trade. Companies have to change their strategies, according to the tastes of the local customers. A good advertising strategy may not give positive results if it is not properly translated. Generally, the medium of advertising adopted by many companies are radio, press, television, and the Internet. Translating service companies helps the businesses in customizing and translating advertisements and they communicate the message to the target customers in international markets.

There are three types of effects of the advertising translation and they are:


  • Zero Effect – The translation of the original message into foreign languages may not bring any change to the status of the company.
  • Positive Effect – Advertising translation has positive effect, as there is an increase in the brand awareness and also increase in the demand for the product.
  • Negative Effect – In this case, advertising translation nullifies the strengths of the company on the international market and produces a negative effect.

As already stated, advertising translations increase the customer base rapidly. These, when adopted by businesses generate enormous sales.