Lighting for kids room

By | June 7, 2010

A lighting planning in the kid room is easy now days. Lots of lighting options like chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, nightlights are available in present day’s market. Lighting has an important role in a decorating process and a effective lighting can alter a common rooms into an oasis. For an effective lighting an individual has to plan needs of lighting in a children room. Installation of ceiling mount, or a floor lamp over table lamp would be more appropriate. Following are the types of lighting fixtures that are available for children’s room:

  • Chandeliers – These designs are no more limited to dining room. In present market many designer chandeliers are available for kid’s room. These chandeliers range from metal to wood and with different options of colors. Different chandeliers shades Chandelier light bulbs are available in the market. These different types of shades also helps to match as to kids themes and décor.
  • Floor Lamps – Custom shades floor lamps are an affordable option for decor. These lamps can be simple, chic, pedestal or urn. Ballerina lamp, airplane lamp or sports baseball lamp are capable to create theme style in a room.
  • Wall Sconces – These types of light fixtures are being used more and more in decor outside of the hallways. It can mount on either side of the bed and, it is perfect for reading when child is on bed. Wall scones are even best for kids bathroom.
  • Lighting themes – Theme lighting is most popular trend for kids lighting. Sailboat, princess, sports, moon, stars, ballerina, airplane, dinosaur and trains are some popular themes of kids room

There are many options lightning kids rooms ting and which can make kid room as oasis. With effective design and planning any one can decorate a kid’s room.