Cavity Culprits You may not Know

Despite we know brushing and flossing is an important part of maintaining good oral hygiene, tooth decay is still common and occurs in around 40 – 45% people especially in children aged 2-11 years. Therefore, as part of good oral health regime, not only brushing and flossing should be done but also you need to watch out for certain cavity culprits that you may not know and this article discusses the same.

1) Sticky sweet cough syrup
Many of the cough drops and liquid medicines contain a variety of ingredients that make your teeth prone to tooth decay and other oral problems. Ingredients like corn syrup, fructose and sucrose can contribute to tooth decay when bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugars and break them down forming acid as a waste that attacks tooth/teeth. Citric acid also wears out the enamel of your teeth. Moreover, some of the antihistamine syrups also contain low pH levels and high acidity that can be dangerous to your teeth.

2) Chewable vitamins
Chewable vitamins are considered a meal for the bacteria in your mouth, even if they are sugarless. Very often these vitamins contain oligosaccharides, which are a fuel for the bacteria. They also stick to your teeth for long which can be even more problem for your teeth. No doubt, chewable vitamins can be good for your health but make sure you follow it with regular oral hygiene practice namely, brushing and flossing.

3) Non fluoridated bottled water
Fluoride is very essential for your teeth. Drinking non-fluoridated water reduces the protection from tooth decay. Most of the bottled water is not fluoridated. It is also very important to note that too much of fluoride will also make your teeth discolored and can be dangerous to the bones.

4) Extended bottle or breast feeding
According to the research, with breast feeding there is slightly a higher risk of tooth decay when compared with cow’s milk. Nursing baby’s shouldn’t suck on the breast for longer period of time. Moreover, never put your child to bed with bottle that contains milk or juice, because when infants are lying down, they can’t swallow completely and thus the liquid stays on the teeth causing tooth decay.

5) Lemonade, sport drinks and sodas
Citric acid in these drinks combines with sugar, and the bacteria in your mouth feed on these sugars and produce acid, which is harmful to your teeth. The acid dissolves the enamel (protective layer of the teeth) making your teeth more prone to decay. So, these drinks are not good for dental health.
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Biggest Car break-down Hassles and How to Avoid Them

Imagine your car stopped in the middle of the road and you need to pull your car. Regular vehicle maintenance can help in avoiding such kind of situation. Other than accidents, there are many other common reasons for ending up stranded by the side of the road and in this article, we will discuss the same.

Battery Trouble
Generally, batteries last 3-5 years, but they can do so much shorter if you are driving at a high temperature or extreme cold. To avoid battery trouble, make sure that you have your battery checked at every service, especially when the battery is three years or older. The early warning signs are dim lights; interiors and headlights, power windows reacting more slowly than usual.

In case you lose car keys, you need to obtain and recover the lost keys from the dealer which may take several days. Remember, always keep an additional set of keys and store them in your house or office. This should be at the top of the priority list.

When planning to go for a trip, give the set of additional car keys to another member of your crew so that in case you miss your car keys and are unable to find, you can take from that member.

Engine trouble
Often engine trouble starts with a problem like a leaking coolant, broken hose that leads to engine getting heated. Regularly inspect belts and hoses and look for any cracks or peeling on belts or softening of the hoses.

To avoid and protect yourself from engine trouble, keep a track of your gas mileage every month. If you notice a drop in the mileage, it is likely the sign of engine trouble.

Brake trouble
See to it that you get your car break pads and rotors checked at least once or twice a year. Good condition brakes are very crucial for your safety. The brake fluid should be changed every 2-3 years according to the manufacturer’s manual. Brake trouble signs are squeaking or grinding noises when hitting the brake or the brake pedal that feels too soft.

Transmission problems
Spotting transmission problems in today’s cars have become trickier, especially the automatic transmission cars. But still if you a jerk or slipping when putting an automatic transmission in to gear, get it checked soon. Also make sure that during regular maintenance, your dealer is checking all kinds of fluid including brake fluids.

Flat tires
Tires that are worn down make it hard to stop, so inspect your car tires regularly. If you feel that your tires are OK, see to it that you keep them inflated. By timely inspection of your tires, you can boost your gas mileage.
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Tips to Avoid Discolored or Stained teeth

That pearly white teeth have gone discolored or got stained are common complaints from many people. Even if the teeth are aligned perfectly, discolored and stained teeth lessens the attractiveness of smile and affects one’s confidence level. There are several things that you can do to make your teeth stay white. This article provides a tips how to do it.

1) Follow good oral hygiene practices
Good oral hygiene means brushing and flossing regularly. Brushing helps remove plaque (white sticky film appearing on teeth) from the teeth. If not removed, bacteria in the plaque react with leftover tiny food particles and form acid as a waste product. The formic acid thus formed attacks and damages the teeth.

Flossing helps flush out food particles from between the teeth where your toothbrush can not reach. Irregular brushing and flossing can make your teeth stained and discolored. Floss at least once a day.

2) Watch what you eat
Dark colored foods like blackberries, blueberries, soy and tomato sauce, coffee, tea, wine, etc. can stain your teeth. Moreover, fruit juices and frizzy drinks are high in acid that can make your teeth enamel (hard shiny layer of the teeth) porous which are likely to pick up stains.

To avoid this, brush or rinse your mouth thoroughly after consuming such kind of food/drinks. If this is not possible, at least drink a glass of water after you have had such food/drinks. Or you also can drink these drinks through straw.

3) If smoking, quit!
Tar and nicotine in tobacco can leave stains on your teeth making them look yellow or even brown that makes your smile unpleasant. Quitting smoking can do wonders to your oral health. It will keep your teeth white and more important, it will be beneficial to your overall health.

4) Visit your dentist regularly
Regular dental visits help in diagnosing dental problem if any and can be treated in its early stage before the problem becomes big and can help avoid the need of more complex and painful treatments.

Moreover, your dentist will educate you regarding oral hygiene practices. Dentist will give your teeth a thorough clean that will remove hardened plaque and stains that are not possible to remove by ourselves.

5) Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables
Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots and celery help remove plaque and food particles from the teeth. Make sure that you include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.
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Tips to Get Extra Mileage with Hybrid Cars

The main aim of the hybrid cars is for better fuel economy with lower emissions harmful to environment. These cars will give a good mileage when compared with their counterparts gasoline cars. But the road conditions and the driving styles will affect the fuel economy. Now we will see how to optimize fuel economy.

  • Read owners manual: Hybrid vehicles’ design and energy usage and management differ from those of gasoline-run vehicles. It depends on the manufacturer and the vehicle model. The fuel economy tips that apply to one model might not do so for another model. Your vehicle manufacturer gives tips on how to maintain and operate the vehicle to maximize the battery life, driving range and fuel economy. Your vehicle’s owners manual is the best source to get the specific tips for your vehicle.
  • Keep your car battery charged: If you have a plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle, this tip is useful. Ensure your car battery is charged properly. It helps you keep driving much on electricity and less on gasoline. This helps you reduce the money spent on gasoline. In case of electric vehicles, it will maximize the driving range. In electric vehicles and hybrid cars, lithium-ion batteries are used. Partially charging of these batteries will degrade the battery quickly. Therefore, make sure to keep the car’s battery charged.
  • Driving speed: When you are increasing your car’s speed, the aerodynamic drag will be increased. When you drive at 70 miles per hour, the drag is double when you are driving at 50 mph. So reasonable speed will increase your fuel economy significantly. You can make the car more fuel efficient by maintaining speed at constant level.

Every time you increase the speed of your car, it will consume more fuel and when you slowdown the energy produced with that fuel will get wasted.

  • Avoid hard braking: Brake moderately or gently where you anticipate stops. This practice will help to generate and store electricity through the regenerative braking system. Hard braking use conventional friction brakes and the energy not recovered. The more often you stop the car, the more will it be helpful to the electric motor to generate and store the electric power.
  • Don’t use the accessories unnecessarily: This does not mean not to use the accessories at all, but use them sparingly. Avoid using headlights when daylight is plenty, switch off lights and other accessories when you are leaving the car for a long time. This will make the battery last longer and minimize fuel usage.

You can get high economy in your hybrid car by using good driving habits and tips used in gasoline engine cars. Most of these cars have economy mode or similar feature. This will improve the fuel economy. In many vehicles, this can be activated by simply pressing a button. To save fuel, this feature may limit the vehicle’s other performance aspects such as acceleration.
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Halitosis – Bad Breath

Bad breath in medical terminology is called as halitosis. It affects people at some point of time in their lives. Some types of bad breath like morning mouth are normal and they usually are not health concerns.

Bad breath is often cause of poor dental hygiene. It may worsen with certain lifestyle habits and the type of food we eat daily. In this article, we will discuss about the causes of bad breath and how to prevent it.

Causes of bad breath

  • Poor oral hygiene: Improper brushing and flossing can leave tiny food particles in the mouth for decaying inside the mouth.
  • Gum disease: Early stage of gum disease is called as gingivitis and the advanced stage is called as periodontitis. These are the main factors resulting in bad breath.
  • Medical conditions: Sinus infection, throat infection or lung infections can also cause bad breath.
  • Chronic disease: Diabetes, kidney disease, lung disease, reflux disease and others can be the cause for bad breath.
  • Food and drinks: Eating strong flavored foods like onions, garlic and spices can cause your mouth to smell. Moreover, strong smelling drinks like coffee, tea and alcohol can also be the cause for the same.
  • Dieting: Dieting, fasting and food that is low in carbohydrates can be the cause for bad breath. Dieting and fasting causes your body to cut down fat, which causes chemicals called as ketones that smells from your breath.
  • Medication: Certain medicines can cause bad breath such as chemotherapy, etc.
  • Dry mouth: This is the condition where your mouth becomes too dry which is often caused by salivary gland problem or any health problem. Dry mouth also creates foul smell in your mouth.
  • Smoking: Smoking actually does not cause bad breath, but smokers often suffer from gum disease and other dental problems that can cause bad breath.

Bad breath can be easily cured by:

  • Brushing regularly: If you brush regularly, you are less likely to suffer from bad breath. Dentist advise their patients to;
    • brush their teeth twice a day or after every meal.
    • Use a toothpaste that contains appropriate amount of fluoride.
    • Use small – medium size toothbrush that can easily reach and clean the corners of the teeth.
    • Use a soft bristled toothbrush
  • Flossing: Floss at least once a day. Flossing enables to clean the areas where your toothbrush can’t reach easily.
  • Clean your tongue using a tongue scraper. Tongue is the breeding ground for bacteria and is the main cause for bad breath.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth moist.
  • Visit the dentist every six months.

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Diagnose Your Overheating Engine

When the weather is warm and you are in your car, you will depend on your car’s cooling system such as air conditioner. Like the car is also depends on its cooling system which has coolant that absorbs and circulates the heat through the system and send it out. Here we will see how to diagnose the overheating problems of engine.

  • The oil removes 75% to 80% of the excess heat of the vehicle’s engine. If there is any scarcity of oil in the engine that much of heat is not carried away. You can identify the oil level just by checking. In most cases, this is the only problem faced by many drivers.
  • There might be a problem in the plugged radiator. Because the cooling system’s liquid circulation can cut down and effect on the cooling efficiency of the system. For this your radiator has to inspect by a radiator specialist. Sometimes steam cleaning is enough for the radiator to do the job. If it is not the solution might be expensive.
  • A bad radiator cap can cause the engine overheat as it will keep pressure from building. Check your vehicle’s radiator cap with a tester.
  • Check for the leaks by pressurizing the cooling system.
  • Soft radiator hose can collapse and stop the coolant flow to the engine.
  • Check the water pumps. Even a brand new pump installed can also fail shortly. At higher RPMs the coolant flow is reduced as the impeller is spinning on the shaft.
  • Check the vehicle’s electric fan equipped.
  • Check the engine’s drive belts, they may be slipping or broken. If slipping, tight them and in case they are broken replace them.
  • If you find leaks in the cooling system repair and refill with coolant. If the cylinder head gaskets are not good, replace them.
  • Check for the ignition. The timing might be set wrongly. In that case, adjust the time.
  • Inspect the compression to determine any mechanical problems and the engine condition.
  • If the thermostat of the engine got stuck, replace it.

First, we can recognize the sign of overheating either with a temperature gauge needle shows the red zone or temperature or check engine indicator light on your vehicle dashboard. The best practice for overheating is preventive. For well flowing and to keep the system clean, you should flush the radiator timely.
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Selecting Artwork for Your Home

Keeping a piece of artwork enhances the aesthetic feel in your home. It also gives your home an artistic look. You could chooses pieces of artwork according to your taste, convenience and budget. When it comes to selecting an artwork for home, you feel good because you are going to make your home better. The success of placing artwork depends on selection. In this article, we will discuss certain points to consider while selecting art for your home.

Selecting artwork by the size to fit a particular place: Select the art that is appropriate for the wall you are selecting for. Consider the dimensions of both artwork and the room before purchasing an artwork. If the artwork is too small, it is hardly seen and if the artwork is too big, it can make it look out of place thus leaving the room look smaller.

Select the one that harmonizes with the color of the room: Select an artwork that is bolder than the wall color, which can highlight both your artwork and wall. Do not select a painting that is exactly the same color as the wall. This can give your room a dull look. Artwork should be eye-catching, and it can be done only by proper selection. Otherwise, it will ruin the look of the interiors. When choosing an Artwork, see that it should give a beautiful and attractive look to your home.

Choose a painting that matches the style of the room: An artwork that matches the style of the room can be selected. For instance, if you have number of antiques in your house, you can give antique style to the frame of the paintings. Similarly, if you have glass table in dinning area, you can place glass painting on the wall to match the style.

Alter your room, if the painting doesn’t suit: If already purchased an artwork for a particular area and it is not looking that great so place it in another room. If you are not finding a place for the artwork where it looks best, alter your room by making some changes. For instance, if your wall is covered with wall papers remove them and give a fresh coat of paint to make your artwork hang on the wall thereby making you enjoy the painting you wanted.

Consider above points for selecting art work for your home. Bear in mind that there should be enough lighting to display your artwork. Place accent lights to showcase your paintings on wall, and to enhance the overall look of your home.
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Buying House without Seeing Good Deal or Bad Mistake?

Most people will go through a procedure to buy a house. As part of the process, home inspection and the neighborhood is also in the process. But a few home buyers do not have these steps in the process because of various reasons. These buyers are more depending on virtual tours, MLS (Multiple Listing Services) descriptions and the photos on Internet. The buyers or investors who are staying in other states, due to high demand in that area institutions buy the entire property blocks are some of the reasons to do not see the sight before they buy.

  • Defects of the property: It is easy to hide and cover with furniture and the camera angles of damages to the home like structure, mold, water and infestation. The photos and the descriptions cannot explain the environment of the house. Those are like nearby pollutions, neighbors activities, the area of the house and property etc. Some owners may not do the fixes to the defects because of lack of money for maintenance or adjusting with inexpensive material. If you bought the house as an investment tool, you again need to spend a lot of dollars on the property, as well the house will not easily move in the market immediately without those repairs.
  • Distressed properties: The distressed properties are generally advertised by the bankers or by the lenders. These are in poor or damaged condition. Most of the property holders try to unload these properties quickly. Because these are expensive, for maintenance they have to bear nearly up to thousand dollars per day in the form of legal fees, maintenance expenses and property taxes. Quick sale will make financial sense to those institutions, so they even offer discounts on the properties. It is really an excellent opportunity to both real estate investors and the buyers to get the property at below market price.
  • Incomplete homes: Incomplete or pre-construction properties also provide a significant opportunities to the investor or the buyer. These may be partially completed or the construction not yet started. In this, both the builder or the seller and the buyer both will get benefited. To prove the project viability to the lenders, the builder need to show them some construction, for this some funds are required. The buyers can purchase at lower value and can sell at market rate or above after the construction completed.

The inspection contingency is an important one while you are buying a property without seeing it. It provides the right to the buyer to get the property or house inspected within a specific time period, usually five to seven day. If the inspection found that the house is not in a good condition, the buyer can cancel the contract or negotiate for the repairs.
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Types of Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is an important computer application useful to businesses. It makes business operations easy by making them efficient. The functions it performs include like data management, data transformation, resource planning, etc.

This article discusses about the different types of enterprise software, their role and their applications.

Accounting – Enterprise software ensures effective functioning of financial department. It mainly deals with accounts of the organization. It helps businesses in online accounting, comprehensive reporting and analysis update financial information of the business, ensures accountability and compliance, eliminates potential errors. It finds applications in banks, account departments of all the organizations, government and private sectors, etc.

Business intelligence – It is a set of theories, methodologies, architecture and technologies that transform the raw data into useful information. It takes the responsibility of handling large amount of information that helps in identifying and developing new opportunities. Business intelligence provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Functions include online analytical processing, data mining, complex event processing, business performance management, etc.

Content management system – Enterprise software is useful in content management for business’ websites. It has two elements namely management application and delivery application. Enterprise software ensures that all can search data by using simple words. It includes web based publishing, format management, indexing, search and retrieval.
In case of web publishing, enterprise software creates, manages and makes content available on the website. It helps businesses interact with users.

In case of component content management, it involves creation of documents from component parts. For example, XML enables users to assemble individual component into a single document. It ensures that content is consistent across the entire document.

Enterprise content management involves organization of documents, contacts, records pertaining to single institution, etc.

Master data management – It comprises a set of processes that control the master data of an organization. It may be non-transactional or reference data. It has applications in different fields like government, banking, retail, insurance, healthcare and telecommunications.

  • Government – Creates a single window for citizens to improve services.
  • Banking – Provides better customer service and reduces cost through operational efficiency.
  • Retail – Helps understand customer relationship and introduction of new products into the market.
  • Insurance – It helps companies to make policies more beneficial to customers.
  • Health care – It confines all the information related to patients to a single document for making it easily available.
  • Telecommunications – It has all the information pertaining to customers, service locations, billing system, etc.

Enterprise resource planning – It involves integration of all the departments and their functions into a single system. Integration into a single database contributes to efficient communication and information sharing.

It includes financial accounting (general ledger, assets, payable and receivables), management accounting (budget, cost management), human resource (recruiting, training, payroll, retirement), manufacturing (engineering, work orders, quality control), customer relation management (sales marketing, service, customer contact, call center support)

Enterprise asset management – It helps in improving the efficiency of the operations like cost reduction, management of capital expenditures. It includes:

  • Fixed assets management – Accounting process pertaining to track fixed assets.
  • IT asset management – A set of business practices that support life cycle management and useful in decision making.
  • Digital asset management – It is a form of electronic media that includes digital assets.

Enterprise software has a wide range of diversity that ensures its efficiency. It operates in a particular manner according to the requirement.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Banner Ads

Ad ServerAdvertising is one of the branches in marketing, which aims with communicating with the customers about products, services, brands and companies. Advertising in internet enables the communication to entire world with cost effective ways. Banner ads are one of such internet advertisements. In this article, we will see the advantages and disadvantages with the banner ads.

  • Advantages: The advantages with the banner ads are as follows:
  • Banners are considered as the most visible advertisements in online. This is because of banner ads contains attractive images.
  • The banner ads save time for both publishers and advertisers. It just needs to insert a line code and the advertiser’s website or the required link.
  • The advertiser is allowed to select a list of websites to post the banner ads. It enables the advertiser to make more targeted potential customers.
  • With the banner ads, website traffic will be increased. If the ad is interesting to the visitors, they will look for more information by clicking the ad. Therefore, the advertiser needs to take the link directly to the information-contained page.
  • Tracking is easy with banner ads. Putting the goals and analyzing after each campaign of those goals will give a clear idea as how the campaign is going.
  • If a publisher using ad server, can get a monthly pay all at once instead of from each advertiser once.
  • Brand of the ads results on effectiveness of the banner ads. If the advertiser’s brand is well established, by adding some attractive pictures viewers’ attention can easily seek.
  • Disadvantages: The disadvantages with the banner ads are as follows:
  • With the banner ads, your website visits will increase, but the visitors may not the qualified visitors or the potential customers. In this case, your investment will become waste. The visitors that come to your website may even come with the interest of knowing about the subject but may not with the intention of purchase.
  • If the tracking measures and the objectives are not correct, there is a possibility of taking wrong decisions with that data analysis. A wrong decision can greatly affect the organization’s stability.
  • For the publishers, lower pay on the banner ads makes less profit; this is a disadvantage for them.
  • If you want to make the banner ads more attractive, you may need to hire a graphic designer for it.
  • Banner ads may create a clutter, as there are already many ads across the internet.

The banner ads are displayed in different formats on the website at the sides, top, and bottom. These are simply embedded with HTML code with images and text. When clicked on them, they will take to another website.
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