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5 Stress Busting Activities

Stress is directly proportional to your work. More work more stress. Unfortunately you cannot go to “no work no stress” mode for obvious reasons, so what you can do is indulge in some stress busting activities. This will lower down your stress and make some constructive use of your precious time. Bursting bubble wraps and… Read More »

Psychological Effects of Marijuana

The use of marijuana is considered as illegal and if the person uses this marijuana in more quantities then he will get addicted. In addition to the health effects, there are many mental or psychological effects which spoil one’s life. A large number of physical effects may result because of marijuana. The main physical effects… Read More »

Mental fitness helps in achieving the goals

Your mental fitness determines how well you will learn and remember new information. Your mental fitness controls how effectively you can use your brain to achieve the goals you want and the prosperity you wish for. A good way to think about this principle is that mental fitness is similar to physical fitness. Your natural… Read More »