5 Stress Busting Activities

By | November 8, 2017

Stress is directly proportional to your work. More work more stress. Unfortunately you cannot go to “no work no stress” mode for obvious reasons, so what you can do is indulge in some stress busting activities. This will lower down your stress and make some constructive use of your precious time. Bursting bubble wraps and stress balls can help you temporarily but undoubtedly they are helpful. But for a more permanent solution to stress, these 5 activities can sure help you go a long way.

  1. Pursue your Long Forgotten Hobbies– It is time to indulge in something that used to be your passion once, but you have eliminated it from your system. It can be anything- music, writing, reading, cooking or playing. Initially, it will keep you away from the stress causing elements, thus lowering down your stress level. And in the long run, this will have a positive impact on your blood pressure and sugar levels, brain functioning and hormonal balance.

  2. Exercises– There is no alternative to physical exercises when it comes to the well being of your body. But many of us fail to acknowledge that it has equal role in keeping our mind and soul healthy too. A stipulated time spent in tracks, gymnasium or ground regularly can have a magical effect on your heart and brain. Physical exercises stimulate neurotransmitters that ease the tensed muscles of brain. Cardiovascular activity helps in lowering down the blood pressure level. Doctors all over the world recommend exercise to deal with stress.

  3. Gardening– It is said that staying close to nature is one of the best stress busting activities. Stress is caused by the hormone called cortisol. It is a proven fact that people who live in greener areas, spend time in nature or indulge in gardening have lesser stress-related issues. You do not need to have a big garden for it. Container gardening is quite an easy and available option for people who love gardening. Make use of your window sill, patio and balcony. Seasonal flowers, cacti and decorational plants make your home look beautiful and give you a sense of fulfillment every time you see a seed germinating into a plant and then flower. This feel good factor is another reason behind the lowered stress level.

  4. Eat Healthy– Erratic eating habit is another stress causing factor. What we eat and how we eat contributes to this monstrous problem. Make sure your food is rich in antioxidants, probiotics and fibers. Do not rush while eating. Skipped breakfast, oily and rich junk food, delayed lunch and even late dinner have a snowball effect. Plan a healthy diet and food regime and you will be amazed to see its impact on your psychological well being.

  5. Be Connected- Loneliness contributes to stress. So, do not miss any opportunity to spend time with your family, friends and near and dear ones. Even in work, a quick friendly chat with a close colleague or a light talk with some acquaintance will help you unwind on a long day. Take help of social media but interact physically. Virtual platforms help reconnecting but meet them personally to stay connected with them.