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How to Identify a Good Quality Bath Towel

A good quality bath towel should be durable enough and must have the ability to withstand a number of washes. The towel should last long without shrinking. The quality is measured by its weight in grams. Thus, the greater number of grams per square meter, the denser are the fibers of the towel. A thicker… Read More »

Things to be Considered Before Buying a Beach Towel

Beach towels are especially necessary for the people who are great beach lovers and like to spend most of their vacations near beaches and pools. They have different advantages and choosing the one which best suits all the requirements is definitely a tricky job. To guide you further and to let you know about the… Read More »

Different Treatments Involved in Fabric Making

After the production of certain fabric there are few steps involved to complete the texture of the fabric. Many processes are done with the help of either man or machines and at times even both to perform this treatments. Let us check few of them which are used in the fabric making process. Dying: As… Read More »

How to Reuse Different Fabrics

The textile industry it self is a vast industry and there are tons of fabrics which are available in today’s market. It is fine to buy them and to wear them, but once we have used them for years and think that they are not good to use then what we are supposed to do?… Read More »

Choosing Short Pants to Beat the Summer Heat

Apart from all the seasons summer is a bit complicated as well as irritating due to the hot sun and the sticky sweat. So, if we really take care while choosing the clothing for summer we are half a way successful in beating the summer heat. So let us have a look on how to… Read More »