Different Treatments Involved in Fabric Making

By | December 20, 2011

After the production of certain fabric there are few steps involved to complete the texture of the fabric. Many processes are done with the help of either man or machines and at times even both to perform this treatments. Let us check few of them which are used in the fabric making process.

Dying: As the name itself indicates that this is the process of adding colors to the textile. This dying can be done at any stage. That is it can be made to the yarns or threads or directly to the fabric itself. It depends upon the fabric again. Traditionally, dying is done using the natural colors, but, later with the invent of many artificial colors they are in use now.

Embroidery: This is a famous art form which is made after the completion of the entire fabric making process. To make the fabric more interesting and colorful different techniques of embroidery are used. It really enhances the look of the fabric and gives a special appearance to it. This can be made using hand or machine which is called as hand embroidery and machine embroidery respectively..

Wood Block Painting: This is another form of art which is used to create some patterns on the textile. The desired prints are crafted on the wood blocks and these blocks are dipped in colors and pressed over the fabric to obtain beautiful designs. This technique was developed in China and became popular in the rest of the world within a short time.

Starching: This process is helpful to the fabric stiff. After the completion of the various treatments like the dying, painting and printing, the fabric will get a starch which makes it free from wrinkles and also enhances the look of the fabric.

These are the few processes which are involved in fabric making. Besides these, there are still many things to complete the fabric making.