How to Reuse Different Fabrics

By | December 20, 2011

The textile industry it self is a vast industry and there are tons of fabrics which are available in today’s market. It is fine to buy them and to wear them, but once we have used them for years and think that they are not good to use then what we are supposed to do? We cannot throw them off like the garbage. Here are few tips on how to reuse the used fabrics.

Quilting: Just think creative about the things around you. Take the help of a sewing machine and start quilting all the fabrics creating some patterns and designs. It is a wonderful idea of quilting the fabrics which are lying down uselessly around the house. The quilted things can be used in many ways depending upon the thing you created.

Repairs: Today’s generation are in a hurry and they often ignore little things. Even if the button of the shirt is broken or if there is a little tear in the shirt they keep it aside and go for new ones. So, collect the things which are ignored like that and make the necessary repairs so that at least the people who are in need for such fabrics will make the best use of them.

Donating: If you are kind enough and want to serve the poor in the least possible way donating is the best thing. The people who receive donations never bother about the fact that they are new or old. They are the people who do not have enough clothes to wear. So, check the old clothes from your wardrobes and donate them to the needy.

Reusing: Reuse the clothes using the once used one’s again. It might be some what tough. But try it this way. If you feel like the clothes which you are wearing are old fashioned, store it inside for months and one day the fashion trend will come again and then you can reuse them. In some cases you cannot re use them, then cut them off in to small pieces and use for wiping and cleaning purposes.

These are the few things which are helpful for you in re using the clothing.