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Website Business Model

Websites have become an essential tool for businesses, irrespective of their sizes, in the current digital era. The websites serve as a gateway for customers to explore products, services, and information. However, simply launching a website is not enough to ensure triumph in the competitive market. It is crucial for businesses to have a well-defined… Read More »

Text Ads or Image Ads

Text ads come under the oldest forms of advertising that have been in use since the times when only print media was there. Even in the initial era of the Internet, advertising in the form of text was the predominant pattern. But, the rapid evolution of digital technologies brought about an increase in dependence on… Read More »

Basic Understanding of Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing is sub-group of an artificial intelligence which works as a human intelligence and automates the processes for various levels. It uses computer system or application to deal with the complex problems like vagueness or uncertainty and deals with analytical problems to provide end results. Cognitive computing comprises of self-learning systems that use data… Read More »

Different Kinds of Fans used

In boiler two kinds of drafts are predominant – forced draft and induced draft. Each requires set of fans that can perform its function. Draft fans are classified as centrifugal and axial type based on the direction of the air flow in the boiler. Different industries use different type of fans depending upon their industrial… Read More »

How to Select an Industrial Fan

A desired Industrial fan is selected in order to have a better environment in the working area. If we install a smaller fan in a larger area it will not provide the required amount of air or gas to the system for its functioning.

Maintenance of Industrial Fans

Industrial Fan contains various rotating and sliding parts which are to be maintained regularly for longer life. Regular maintenance also prevents unexpected accidents happening in the system.

Materials used in Industrial fan blades

One of the most important part in an industrial fan is blade. The extreme conditions in an industry may affect the blades of a fan. These extreme conditions may not be same in all industries. So, fan blades must be made of different kind of material based on the industrial use.

Environmental and Nuclear Safety Labor Laws for Workers

If you are working in a nuclear or environmental related industry, then, as an employee of such sector, you must be aware of a few labor laws, to seek your grievances redressed under those Acts, within the specified time period for your safety. To know those laws, go through the following information. Asbestos Hazard Emergency… Read More »