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Want to Know about Pranayama?

When you are in stress, the breathing switches to a fast and shallow pattern because the sympathetic nervous system switches on your “fight or flight” response. This means when you are stressed, your body will send a signal to the brain. As a result, the brain will turn on its survival instinct mode and thereby… Read More »

What Qualities Make a Perfect Yoga Trainer

Many people after practicing yoga for a couple of years, tend to make it as their profession in a view to make people educate about the positive benefits of yoga. Some people are completely commercial and nothing is important for them except money. They are not bothered about the welfare and comfort of the people… Read More »

Things to be Considered Before Starting a Yoga Studio

For many, yoga is just a natural form of exercise. After practicing it for a couple of years and realizing the importance of yoga few choose it as a career by doing certified courses to become a certified yoga trainer. There are other group of people who are affordable to establish a new yoga institute… Read More »

Yoga – a recommended Practice for Healthy Heart

Our daily routine and work life makes us feel pressured and subject us to huge amounts of stress and strain. Even though we see and feel the reactions of stress on our face, stomach, neck and heart rate there is one thing which we can’t see or feel is the affect of stress on human… Read More »

How Yoga Helps Get a Flat Stomach

Your wedding day is coming soon and are you one of those who are worried about fat stomach? If you continue to stay like this, until your wedding day, you will look like a pregnant woman on your wedding day. However, nobody wants to be seen with a fat stomach on the wedding day because… Read More »

Make Yoga a Habit to Live Longer

Many people do have a doubt or a question in their mind that, is it true that Yoga increases our span of live? However, the fact is people who do Yoga on a regular basis can live longer without any health problems. Compared to other forms like doing regular exercises, going to gyms, meditation and… Read More »

Yoga is the Best Practice for Seniors to Stay Healthy

As a person gets older, he is prone to suffer from many health problems. Older persons often suffer from multiple chronic diseases, pains, and other health problems. Yoga is the best way for seniors to protect their health from all these problems. Yoga helps senior people in many ways. The fundamental principles of yoga makes… Read More »