What Qualities Make a Perfect Yoga Trainer

By | April 13, 2012

Many people after practicing yoga for a couple of years, tend to make it as their profession in a view to make people educate about the positive benefits of yoga. Some people are completely commercial and nothing is important for them except money. They are not bothered about the welfare and comfort of the people attending the classes, concentrating much on the income they are earning by conducting those sessions. Here are few qualities which differentiate a good trainer from a bad one. One can easily find the following qualities in a trainer when they are really focused on what they are doing.

  • Apart from yoga, a talented and a professional trainer often speaks about the real value of doing yoga apart from explaining how to do the yoga postures. He makes the practitioners to understand the importance of yoga and let them make a conscious effort to learn yoga wholeheartedly so that they can reap greater benefits from their practice.
  • The trainer should be clear in what he is teaching, then only the students in his class can understand what actually was taught to them and practice the correct things.
  • Apart from all the regular teaching and plans to create awareness, the trainer should always be ready to address the concerns of the people.
  • Since he has in depth theoretical and practical knowledge, he should be aware of the things which are frequently questioned by the students. He should speak to the people in a polite manner, and try to resolve their queries in an appreciable manner.
  • A good trainer will also make sure that all the students of the batch are doing the things taught by him in a correct manner. If his teaching is good, it will definitely reach the people however, there are few who can grasp things quickly. For such people it is necessary for the trainers to see to it that they are doing it properly by attending them at regular intervals. He should make sure that proper yoga execution is being done.
  • The trainer should be ready to modify the mistakes done by the students and to make sure that they are doing it in proper manner. Also he should be ready to speak to them at any moment and to get a feed back from them to make necessary corrections in his teaching style or any other issues.

Finally a trainer should always be matured enough to understand his role in making people happy.