Benefits of Customized Contact Lenses

By | April 13, 2012

The lens manufactures use three different measurements to make the conventional RGP lenses. If none of the three sizes match the patients eyes, and the soft lens are also not providing proper vision then the doctor suggests customized contact lenses which are made according to the measurements taken by the individual’s eyes. Again custom contact lenses are of two types. One is the RGP custom contact lens and the other is the soft custom contact lens.

When compared to the conventional contact lens measurements, the measurements for the custom RGP lens are much more complex. Special equipment is used to measure the eye from several points in order to form a detailed map of the eye. Later, this map is used to design the lens which exactly fit to the shape of the cornea. These lens are fabricated with advance equipment which helps in creating a smoother curve and the RGP material used in the lens allow more oxygen to pass through the lens of the eye.

The next type of lens are the soft custom contact lenses. These kind of lenses are used to correct higher levels of astigmatism and can provide more accurate correction than the regular conventional soft lenses. With higher correction rates these custom soft lenses provide potentially sharper vision.

Benefits: When coming to the benefits of this custom contact lenses, as they are individually shaped they are quite suitable for misshaped eyes due to injuries or unsuccessful refractive surgery. They are useful to provide successful treatment for many disorders. Even though these lens are expensive than the regular lenses it is worth investing as they are very useful in treating any kind of eye disorders.