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Benefits of Using Multi-panel Drug Test Kits at Workplace

Workplace safety is the major concern for employers. They have to consider the safety and health of the employers as they affect the company’s productivity or performance and profitability. Illegal drug abuse is common among many people these days. Employees consuming them are prone to many problems. Also they are linked with the organizational problems.… Read More »

Significance of Urine Analysis Drug Test

There has been an increase in population using illicit drugs in the United States. It is necessary to determine the drug abusers and make them avoid drugs. Drug testing has to be conducted on such abusers frequently. Many types of drug testing approaches are available. Urine, saliva, hair, blood, and sweat are taken as samples… Read More »

Know About Employee Drug Testing in Small Businesses

Employment drug testing is conducted by many organizations in order to ensure safe workplace environment. They can be done before hiring new employees into the organization. Sometimes, employee drug tests are conducted randomly on employees. The tests are also conducted at situations like, on occurrence of accidents. Urine, hair, blood and saliva tests can be… Read More »

THC Drug Testing with Urine Sample

The major active component of marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana drug testing detects the presence of THC and its metabolites in the given sample. The detection of drug can be based on certain factors such as amount smoked, individual body metabolism rates, and other health related issues of a person. After consumption of THC it… Read More »

Alcohol Testing in Pre-employment Drug Testing

Use of alcohol and drugs at work place is a very serious problem for employers. Many American corporations have been spending billions of dollars for lost productivity, accidents, and excess health care of employees. Hence drug testing in the workplace has become essential now-a-days. In order to minimize the exposure to drug and alcohol abuse,… Read More »

Information About THC Drug Testing

THC is the main ingredient of the marijuana drug. When a person takes marijuana, THC enter to the brain and body organs, through bloodstream. This chemical is very dangerous, which has negative effects on the health of the user. There are cannabinoid receptors, which are part of the brain, that influence the pleasure, memory, thinking,… Read More »

What are the Methods of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

It is important to conduct pre employment drug testing in organizations as part of employee drug testing. Since companies are responsible to provide the safe environment to the employees, the employers should take every measure to make sure that they avoid drug abusing employees. They have the right to expect productivity from employees. In order… Read More »