What are the Methods of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

By | December 17, 2010

It is important to conduct pre employment drug testing in organizations as part of employee drug testing. Since companies are responsible to provide the safe environment to the employees, the employers should take every measure to make sure that they avoid drug abusing employees. They have the right to expect productivity from employees. In order to do these things, many organizations are conducting pre-employment drug testing.

Alcohol or drug abuse by employees can adversely effect the workplace environment, so it is necessary to conduct the drug test for potential employees, before hiring them. There are different methods of pre-employment drug testing, such as:

Laboratory test: In this method, applicant needs to visit the clinic to provide the specimen of urine. The sample should be sent to a certified laboratory in order to test. Urine is put for analysis to determine the quantitative level of specific type of drug, which is used by employee. This is the one of the most basic methods and it can take some time to provide results – hours and sometimes even days.

Drug test kits: Nowadays, there different kinds of drug test kits are available in the market. Many companies today are using these kits to test their employees and potential employees as it is the easy to use and less expensive. These kits can detect the presence of the drugs in the body within minutes. The results provided by these kits are also accurate and reliable.

These are some of the common methods used by employers to detect their employees or potential employees.