What are the Benefits of the 10 and 12 Panel Drug Testing Kits

By | December 18, 2010

It is necessary to conduct drug test in some places like workplaces, schools. Drug test is the test to know the presence of the drug in blood system of an individual. In some places conducting drug test has become common and mandatory.

Drug test kits help to conduct the drug test easily. There are many types of drug test kits and they are different sizes as well. Multiple drugs can be found out at one shot by multi panel drug kits. 10 and 12 panel drug testing kits are two of them.

There are many common illegal drugs, which are found out by these kits, such as: Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Tetrahydrocannabinol, Methadone, Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, Opiate, Oxycodone, Propoxyphene, Phencyclidine, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepine. There some benefits of the 10 and 12 panel drug testing kits, such as:

Cost effective: Using 10 and 12 drug test kit is very beneficial to you. You no need to conduct many drug tests to detect the different drugs. You can conduct one drug test to detect multiple drugs. One can save money on it. So it can be cost effective for you.

Check multiple drugs: You no need to purchase many drug test kits in order to detect the multiple drugs. You can purchase only one kit and detect the presence of the many drugs in body.

Accurate results: These kits provide accurate and quick results, after conducting the drug test. One can conduct the drug test at home by using these kits. And they are less expensive.

So these are the benefits of the 10 and 12 drug test kits. You can get them from any store and you purchase them through online as well.