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What are Biometric 2D Barcode Scanners?

Barcode technology is getting advanced being used for a wide range of applications. Barcodes which can store data in two directions that is both horizontally and vertically are called 2D barcodes. 2D barcode scanners like Symbol scanners and others are used for reading them. 2D barcode biometrics is one of the advanced technologies. It uses… Read More »

Know How to Choose a Right Barcode Scanner

Devices used to read barcodes are termed as barcode readers or barcode scanners. Barcode scanners are of various types based on their handling mode and technology used. Symbol scanners, HP scanners and many other types of scanners are available using various technologies. However, a right choice of scanner should be made for specific purposes. Some… Read More »

Know About the 3D Barcode Technology

The technology of using barcodes has been advanced. The most recent advanced technology of barcodes in 2010 is 3D barcode system. There are many devices like Zebra printers, Symbol scanners, HP Laser scanners and so on that have been using one dimensional and two dimensional technology. However, with the introduction of 3D technology, new devices… Read More »

Types of Barcode Scanners Based on Technology

A barcode scanner or a barcode reader is defined as an electronic device that reads printed barcodes. The main aim of the scanner is to read the data. This is done using many technologies. Each scanner using a different technology has a different design. The barcode scanners are classified into five main types based on… Read More »

Know About Conventional Barcode Printers

Many business, organizations or enterprises depend on the barcodes to keep track of the inventory. Inventory tracking can be easy by using barcode technology and barcode printers. You can find many brands of barcode printers in the market. But only few of them are very reliable, like Zebra printers. Conventional barcode printers are printers which… Read More »