All You Need to know Before Purchasing Handheld Barcode Scanner

By | December 20, 2010

Handheld barcode scanners, in recent days are used in making point of sale scans and to gain access to specific files in database. This device is equipped wit a light source, light sensor and lens. Such lens is responsible to interpret the optical impulses to electrical impulses. When light flashes on it, it reads the barcode image and also transmits the interpretation to the output center, that can be a computer or cash register.

Symbol scanners are one of the most common brands in the market for handheld barcode scanners. There are many number of models and each brand model comes with different features. Few models are slim and other models are bulky. Some of them are connected by USB ports and wires and others are wireless.

If any one wants to purchase any model, they need to consider few factors to take a good decision. First, identify the purpose of it’s use for these things, such as what type of barcode will be scanned, as there are two types. One is 1 dimensional and other one is 2 dimensional barcode.

Second, how barcode is scanned. Handheld barcode scanner has linear beams. This scanner works effectively when it is placed perpendicular to the barcode label. So you need to consider it while purchasing the scanner.

Handheld barcode readers are used in industrial environments, where huge number of scans are required. They are convenient to use at such places. So where you want to use is also a considerable thing.

You can find the warranty for some years as well. You can go for Symbol scanners for best services after sales.

So you need to consider this information before you are going to purchase the handheld barcode scanner.