Difference Between Electric Fireplaces and Gas Fireplaces

By | December 23, 2010

It is necessary to have the fireplaces in your home, if you stay at cold places in order to heat your room. Fireplace structures are large and they are made of bricks. Such construction should have the chimney along with it to capture and release the smoke outside.

They may be difficult to maintain and clean the traditional fireplaces. Later gas fireplaces were introduced in order to reduce the maintenance of fireplaces. These fireplaces are easy to use. Later the electric fireplace was introduced in modern times. They are also easy to use as they use electricity to work. They fit in smaller places too. There are some differences between gas fireplaces and electric-fireplaces.

Gas fireplace: These fireplaces are gas log sets, self-contained, they work without vents and chimneys. They are more convenient and need less maintenance than traditional fireplaces. These fireplaces work without electricity, they have nice backup way to heat the home during a storm. They use the power combustion and spread the heat in a room. The available choices are propane and natural gas in order to use the gas fireplaces. Design, filters incorporated determine the cost of the gas fireplaces. These fireplaces work like traditional fireplaces, but they do not leave by products like smoke and ash.

Electric fireplace: These fireplaces are cost effective and they run on electricity. They will not work without electricity. Electric-fireplaces are the best choice for small homes. They can warm up the room quickly. They have flames which appear like real fire. It is easy to install them. They can be transferred from one room other room.

These are the differences between the gas electric fireplaces and electric-fireplaces, so according to your convenience, you can purchase the right thing.