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Purpose of Wearing a Veil in Weddings?

There are many customs and superstitious beliefs associated with weddings. In the ancient days people believe weddings were susceptible to bad luck and evil spirits. As the centuries passed many modifications to the old customs were done. Among such old customs, the familiar one is wearing of veil by the bride in the weddings. Ancient… Read More »

Things to Consider Before Choosing Wedding Venues

Everyone has their own plans to celebrate their marriage in their own way. But for anyone planning the wedding venue is one of the important aspects. Even before deciding about the venue of your marriage, the first thing to consider is the type of marriage. In general there are two types of weddings – Church… Read More »

How to Create a Fabulous Wedding Card

As wedding cards give the first impression of your wedding to the guests, much care should be taken by the couples for creating their wedding invitations. Many people want to include their own thoughts, ideas and the new trends while designing their wedding cards, which is a good idea. Here are few tips for creating… Read More »

How Yoga Helps Get a Flat Stomach

Your wedding day is coming soon and are you one of those who are worried about fat stomach? If you continue to stay like this, until your wedding day, you will look like a pregnant woman on your wedding day. However, nobody wants to be seen with a fat stomach on the wedding day because… Read More »

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Location

Everyone wishes to make their wedding day a memorable experience. There are many things to consider like wedding location, décor, costumes, etc. Choosing a right wedding location is one of the important things to be focused on. It gives a way to choose all the other elements like decoration, food and drink, and so on.… Read More »