Things to Consider Before Choosing Wedding Venues

By | March 2, 2012

Everyone has their own plans to celebrate their marriage in their own way. But for anyone planning the wedding venue is one of the important aspects. Even before deciding about the venue of your marriage, the first thing to consider is the type of marriage. In general there are two types of weddings – Church weddings and Civil weddings. In case of church wedding, two different venues will be there. One is the church itself and other is the venue for reception. But when it comes to civil marriage, both the wedding and the reception could be arranged in the same venue, which saves the costs of renting another venue.

For church wedding, make sure that your venue for reception is easy to transport from the church. However, in choosing venues for both the types similar considerations should be taken. Let us see them in detail.

  • Facilities in the venue and the place in which it is situated is important, since it should be comfortable to the guests to reach the venue.
  • Having a rough figure in mind, calculate the number of guests and choose your venue which could accommodate all your guests and the required decorations you are going to make.
  • Venue capacity should be considered in such a way that it should accommodate a few extra members that visit the wedding unexpectedly.
  • Decide the way you want to serve food for your guests. Either a formal meal or a stand up buffet. Depending on this we have to choose a venue, since a formal meal requires more place than a buffet.
  • If you have any plans to entertain your guests with some band music, then you need to check for the facilities in the venue which can accommodate your entertainment arrangements like the band music and the dance floors.
  • Above all,you budget is what plays an important role while choosing the venue. So, make sure that the venue you decided to hire is within your budget.
  • Also look for the parking services or valet parking in order to make your guests feel comfortable to park their vehicles.

These are few tips which are helpful for choosing the venue.