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List of the Sports in Summer Olympics

Olympic games are international sports, different types of sports are conducted. This is the multi sport event and it is one of the important and popular international events through out the world. Different sportspeople and lovers of the sports around the world look forward and different countries around the world eagerly wait for hosting such… Read More »

Non-Powered Surface Water Sports

This category covers water sports such as surfing, body boarding and kite surfing where, generally, a natural force is used to propel the participant. The latest is Hydrofoil Sailing. Surfing: Surfing is a recreational activity in which individuals paddle into a wave on a surfboard, jump to their feet, and are propelled across the water… Read More »

Sources to learn Golf

These days playing golf had became a hobby to all age groups. You can learn golf at any age even at the age of retirement. Now learning is not a problem at all. If you really want to understand the game, you can ask a friend to teach you, hire a personal tutor, inquire in… Read More »