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Make Jar Lantern Using Glow Sticks

Playing with glow sticks is a great fun irrespective of the age groups. Kids really enjoy doing it. Why should we suppress their interest by just letting them play with glow sticks. Lets show them some interesting crafts using these glow sticks so that they will learn as well as play at the same time.… Read More »

How Glow Bracelets and Necklace Work

Generally, people use and wear glow necklaces, glow sticks, glow bracelets in parties, kids’ birthday parties, and other night events. The size of the glow bracelet is 8 inch long and 5 mm in diameter and a necklace is nearly 3 times larger in length of a bracelet and or about 22 inch larger and… Read More »

The Innumerable Underwater Species

We all know that earth is covered with about 70% of water. And oceans and seas are 97% of all the water. There are a vast number of species under these waters, which we couldn’t yet explore to full extent. There is a big project going on to find all the oceanic species. This is… Read More »

Piranhas are more savage than sharks

The most savage thing after sharks is the piranha. Though small in size, it is very dangerous fish, and more savage than a shark, I must say. Piranhas are named for ferociousness. But the name for them has come from Portuguese terms of piro which means fish and sainha which means tooth. Piranhas possess small… Read More »

Does Bone Marrow Cure Aids?

Yesterday I have read in the news paper that scientists found cure for AIDS. It is good news for us because; many people are suffering from HIV. Now there is a chance for all of them to become a normal person. There is also a call for universal immunization for AIDS. These developments are giving… Read More »

Susan Lucci gets only 24 from Judges

From past few years, dancing reality shows increased rapidly on televisions and celebrities are also participating in this reality shows. Actress of “All My Children” Susan Lucci participated with Tony Dovalani as her professional partner in ABC’S popular dance show and this couple got eliminated on Wednesday, November 5, 2008. Total scores in the show… Read More »