The Innumerable Underwater Species

By | October 6, 2009

We all know that earth is covered with about 70% of water. And oceans and seas are 97% of all the water. There are a vast number of species under these waters, which we couldn’t yet explore to full extent.

There is a big project going on to find all the oceanic species. This is a big one because it is not that easy to explore the deep oceans. It is almost like counting stars of a galaxy. According to the studies, there are around 230,000 sea species discovered so far. And scientists say that they might be able to discover a million more species by 2010.

The main disadvantage for us not yet discovering many species underwater is that we can’t help them from getting extinct. There are many species underneath oceans which have become extinct even before we got to know them.

The main cause of their extinct is due to climatic changes which is nothing but because of our increased pollution.

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