Can animals predict weather?

By | December 14, 2007

Most of the people don’t believe if you say that animals predicts weather, but it is fact, that in America they still use groundhogs to predict the weather for six months. Before bad storm occurs dogs act nervously and cats get frolicsome. There are many animals which predict weather. But we are all not familiar with all those.

Before incidence of any storms or floods frogs also sound louder than usual. Before occurrence of rains many birds will sound by gathering on the trees. Rabbits also sound louder before storm comes.

It is surprise to know that very least number of animals are lost when dreadful tsunami occurred in the South Asia. Wildlife officials stated that no dead animals are found including elephants. Spiders also leave their web before raining. And cats and dogs eat grass before raining. All over the world animals behaviors exhibit before the weather changes for the nastiest.

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