Scientists predict earthquake in US

By | March 24, 2009

Do you know that it was an earthquake that made the giant Mississippi river to flow backwards? Well this has occurred in 1811-12. That can be nothing compared to the massive earth quake predicted by the scientists to hit US some time in the future.

Researchers who have been working in Arkansas earthquake centre have discovered a 5000 year old fault that can trigger a massive earthquake around Arkansas.

The quake itself has an epicenter of 7 miles in length; and the quake it is going to trigger, as with a 7 plus magnitude. The earthquake with a magnitude of 7 and an epicenter of 7 miles in length will just be equal to a mass destruction. The fault lies underneath cotton fields about 100 miles east of Little Rock and when the quake strikes, it is going to impact Littlerock as well as its neighboring states Tennessee and Mississippi.

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