Piranhas are more savage than sharks

By | September 26, 2009

The most savage thing after sharks is the piranha. Though small in size, it is very dangerous fish, and more savage than a shark, I must say.

Piranhas are named for ferociousness. But the name for them has come from Portuguese terms of piro which means fish and sainha which means tooth. Piranhas possess small teeth enough to fit their size, but these teeth are the main weapons of these fish. These are razor sharp, with an interlocking pattern, fitted to a strong jaw. This makes them easy to devour their food including the strongest bone. Their teeth help them only to tear down their meal; hence they cannot chew their food. Thus when they bite big pieces of flesh they just gulp them down. Piranhas are very greedy thus devouring at their meal very fast.

Piranhas move only in groups. This is what makes them more savage. A group of piranhas can drag some big animal on shore into the water. While piranhas are dangerous, hungry piranhas are more savage. They also rely on dead bodies in water.

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