Recession Doesn’t Impact Video Games Much

By | September 23, 2009

Parents do try to influence their kids from playing video games. But they are not much successful and we all know that.

It was fine when everything was going well. But presently parents are very worried about their jobs or businesses due to the recession. Many are going jobless while many are filing bankruptcies. In these critical situations, video games market remains untouched.

While many industries are running towards the government for help, video game industry was busy in releasing newer games and selling them. People did not succumb to spending less on video games due to recession. Video game sales remain strong for this month though the growth appeared to slow down the previous month. It was just the growth and not the sales that have slowed down the previous month. All these stats again prove video game market to be recession proof.

But dear kids, don’t bother you parents for buying video games. They are busy dealing bigger things.