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Scientists predict earthquake in US

Do you know that it was an earthquake that made the giant Mississippi river to flow backwards? Well this has occurred in 1811-12. That can be nothing compared to the massive earth quake predicted by the scientists to hit US some time in the future. Researchers who have been working in Arkansas earthquake centre have… Read More »

Israel Finds Natural Gas Treasure

Besides the ceasefire, Israel is into the news for another great reason. Reservoirs of natural gas were found in Israel by the subsidiaries of Derek group. The thickness and quality of this treasure of natural gas, which they found under deep water, is of greater value than the prior anticipation by the Operator at this… Read More »

Can animals predict weather?

Most of the people don’t believe if you say that animals predicts weather, but it is fact, that in America they still use groundhogs to predict the weather for six months. Before bad storm occurs dogs act nervously and cats get frolicsome. There are many animals which predict weather. But we are all not familiar… Read More »