Say hello to Uncle Liar!

By | July 20, 2007

There are many situations in a day when someone is compelled to tell a lie. Philosophers say that it is OK to tell a lie if it is to save someone from getting harm. But there are many Uncle Liars who simply like to lie for no good reason. Or even to cheat people. An Uncle Liar is very competent in fooling people with lies but he gives off some signs that he is lying, through his body language. It is easy to get hold of a liar if you know what he does while lying.

Some symptoms of Uncle Liar includes

  • Eyes can tell the inner feelings of a person. When Uncle Liar tries to lie he tries to conceal his eyes by frequent blinking. Their pupils widens little more than others.
  • It is true that people don’t make good eye contact while lying. But Uncle Liar makes too much eye contact to appear sincere.
  • Don’t try to soothe the person when he over reacts to your questions, like getting angry or defensive. This is where you can catch the person of his lie.
  • You can even hold the person from his verbal expressions like equivocation, using excessive pronouns, echoing back to your question as if trying to make sure, stammering or pausing in between trying to gather his thoughts.

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