How Weird Is Chinese Food?

By | September 2, 2009

I was there for the Olympics this year in world’s most populated country. They really did a great job in organizing such a mega event. The budget is vast for the country because it is still a developing one. It is rich of its ancient traditions and culture.

Entire trip was great except my problem with a bet from my cousin that I should try only Chinese food till I left China. That was really challenging which I got to know only after I started acting accordingly.

It was horrible when I saw shrimps were still moving in my plate. First, I thought it was a joke. But soon I understood that it is their traditional dish.

It was equally horrible when I came to know about many other such weird dishes. Some of them which I escaped trying were dog meat, silk worms, Cow’s all those inner stuff like lungs, wind pipe, Duck’s tongue, etc. And the weirdest of those was the scorpion dish, appears in full body.

So next time you visit Chinese, do remember to order only vegetarian.

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