Do the three magical words still have the charm?

By | January 7, 2008

I remember those days when I first started schooling. The first lesson I have been taught were about the three magical words and their impact on humans. Since then I have been using them every where in the society and been given a recognition as a gentle man.

The three magical words Please, Sorry and Thank you, were the most common and basic words that any Gentle man (even woman) uses in his conversation in good sense. The word good sense here is very important because people often get embraced when they see that a person is using words as a habit rather than as moral thing.

But these days it seems that the charm of these magical words is declining. It depends on the changed social attitudes of both the receiver and sender.

And with the introduction of the so called SMS language, things for these have still worsened. They type “pls” for please, something like “thx” or “ty” for Thank you and “sry “for sorry. This does not deliver the actual expression of those words, and now you know where the problem is from.

It is still worse when delivering those words orally.
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