The rich celebrities below 25

By | October 13, 2008

If any one thinks to grow richer within short span of time, it is possible when you can become a celebrity. Celebrities have so much money, fame and what does any one want in his life. People are so crazy about celebrities and more in crazy when they are younger ones.

But you need lots of luck to enter and to sustain in this celebrity world. No matter what you are and what your background is, if you have luck world is ready to make you kings or queens of them. In recent times we have many younger celebrities earning so much fame along with huge amounts of money.

Forbes magazine recently revealed the list of top 100 powerful celebrities. And this time it had names of many tender aged faces becoming American’s biggest earners. Mary-Kate is the biggest earner among them with $21 millions. Also there are sports celebrities Maria Sharapova with earnings up to $18.2 millions and Serena Williams with earnings up to $12.7 million.

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