Cooking with spices and herbs

By | August 14, 2008

Today, cooking with herbs and species is becoming more popular. Species and herbs are used by Asian countries. Spices and herbs have lot of benefits for improving our health and recovering from diseases.  Herbs are used after when they become dry. Dried herbs are much stronger than the fresh herbs.

Most commonly used kitchen herbs are considered accurately to substitute dried herbs with fresh herbs. It is important use proper amount of each herb according to the taste and requirement of certain cuisines such as Asian or Italian. It is better to add less while cooking and top up according to the taste.  Use them in time, eventually the herbs loose their flavours and remain just as leaves. Hot mixture of spices is garam masala in hindi.

It is used in most of curries in India.  It is fruity and warming spice combinations and used in wide variety of meat and vegetable curries. Using them in dishes helps in reduction of stress and reducing cholesterol. This combination of spices and herbs helps in digestion problems and many more problems.

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