Recruiting firm’s mistakes while recruiting a permanent employee

By | March 14, 2008

Recruiting the permanent employee is one important task for recruiting firm. Unfortunately, mistakes are common and they have stories of new hires that turned out to be completely incompetent. An investment in more reliable permanent recruitment processes of company towards recruiting firm is paying off faster and for longer.

One of the most common mistake recruiting companies do while permanent recruitment is rush a rather ineffective process to do it quickly. When an important position is vacant, company may insist that recruiting get any one rather than initiating a process that will get them an acting performer.

They do not think about the quality and no one understands the cost of a poor hire when they hire not so good performer.

Recruiting firm selects the people who are very good at interviewing but not good at work, for permanent positions in the company. Prediction about the performance is to look at behaviors, not just qualifications may not correct at all times.

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