Tips for choosing a good professional recruiter

By | May 14, 2009

People look for job, believe that selecting a good recruiter helps them in getting good job but this may not be true. In the world of recruiting, recruiter selects you and you do not select any recruiter. Process of apply for a job in recruiting agency and employer process to seek the recruiter in employing people is different. Many recruiters have resume of the job seekers but they do not know about them. The following are few tips for choosing a good recruiter.

First, decide whether you are ready to pay the recruiting firm if they show you the job. Find out about the recruiting firm like from how many years they are providing services.

Check for the creditability of recruiting agency in offering their services for individuals. Enquiry about whether they really offer you the job after paying their charges in advance. Check for the different modes of payment they offer to individuals.

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