Lenovo on a job cut spree

By | January 10, 2009

Lenovo announced that it is going to lay off 2,500 employees. This doesn’t surprise me as I have seen many lay offs; and the number is big compared to the tenure it occurred.

Lenovo is doing well since three years after its integration with IBM PCs. Lenovo has agreed that it was a success. But the reason behind this layoff is (as it said) that they have not performed up to their expectations.

Is it the matter of performance or reaching some unrealistic target? I was not able to figure it out.

But if it is really the matter of performance, it will be bad to lay off as many as 2,500 people off their livelihood. If they are employed in an international company, it must because of their capability and competence.

Are you saying that all those 2,500 well educated and professional people have not performed well? Or is it the management that set some impracticable goal and torturing employees for achieving it?

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