Duties Of A Baby Nurse

By | February 7, 2010

A baby nurse is also known as newborn specialist is an experienced and trained professional and visits the newborn’s home and organizes an in-home training program for the new parents. This program can be for days or weeks of the baby’s life, they help parents in getting adapted and familiarize them with a number of actions, which are new or inexperienced to them. A baby nurse will generally be in contact 24 hours a day. Sometimes there are nurses who work in shifts and sometimes there are nurses who stay in the home.

All new parents must be trained to acquire knowledge regarding baby care. Because infants appear to be so new and fragile, regular first feedings, diaper changes and crying jags can be nerve wrecking and even alarming or shocking experiences. A baby nurse will take care of some of these duties in the beginning, and also teaches the parents how to manage the challenges of a new infant.

Baby nurse will not have any particular training requirements other than experience. Baby nurses are generally experienced in infant CPR and first aid, and most of them may have some medical background or have received training in newborn baby care.

The role of a baby nurse is based on the need of the parents. A baby nurse is like a lactation consultant and also a teacher and coach for both parents. The main purpose of this specialist is to make the baby sleep through the night as quickly as possible.

The baby nurse will set up a feeding and sleeping schedule, which makes the newborn adapt to time table, and will record activities. They also prepare and wash bottles, wash and iron the baby’s clothes, change bedding and bathe the child.

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