Tips To Interview A Candidate

By | February 5, 2010

Before holding an interview, interviewer should have clear and better picture of what qualities and talents the job profile requires and should know the importance of selection criteria. While interviewing the individual, first make sure that you find out about the professional past of the person and details about his or her personal life. Verify his or her qualifications like education, courses and lessons.

While the interview is going on, analyze the personal character, attitude, and seriousness towards the job. Interviewer should also check whether the interviewee is able to maintain balance between their personal and professional lives. Set questions that will decide whether the interviewee is an initiator or follower in his or her professional life. It is important to check his or her attitude toward important issues such as teamwork, communication capabilities, stressed situations, future plans, learning curve, motivations, dominance (a team leader) and methods of work. Interviewer should pay attention towards body language of interviewee as it plays main role in knowing about difficulties of individual.

The interviewer should know whether the answers given by interviewee are true or fake. If the answer seems fake, then ask to give any examples of anything that he or she has told you about. The salary also plays necessary role in the interviewers’ decision whether the interviewee is correct for the organization. Determine whether the individual would bargain or negotiate about the salary.

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