Tips On Doing Job Analysis Before The Recruitment Process

By | January 20, 2010

Job analysis plays a vital role in recruitment process. This is the very first step in the recruitment process. Job analysis means collecting and organizing the information about the job. Each job will have specific tasks and responsibilities. The recruiter should need to identify those tasks and responsibilities before hiring a candidate. It is better to discuss with team experts in the organization about required vacant position (job) skills, tasks, and responsibilities. KSAs analysis comes under job analysis. This means the recruiter should study about knowledge, skills, and abilities of a person based on job tasks and responsibilities.

  • Knowledge: It is acquired through the education, and courses. For example, for the accountant position the person should have accounting knowledge, which comes from the education.
  • Skills: These are acquired through the experience, and repetition of specific tasks.
  • Abilities: Abilities are natural talent of the person.

Once getting the pool of resumes for vacant position, job analysis will be useful to screen the candidate based on skills, tasks and responsibilities of the job. In the interview process also interviewer asks the questions based on job analysis, and then interviewer should also know, how the person can fulfill the required needs of the job.

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