Bin Laden threatens Israel to stop attacks

By | January 14, 2009

After a long time, al Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, comes before the world with his demand to stop aggression on Gaza. He has come up with war cry Jihad, against Israel for its violence against his fellow terrorist group Hamas.

Jihad is said to be the holy war of Islam, which terrorists are naming to all the anti-socio activities they conduct every time. This message was posted in one of those radical Islamist websites. According to the sources, the voice resembles Bin Lad en’s in the previous records.

Bin laden has also talked about his primary rival America and its future President (Barack Obama). He said that America is begging small and big nations, for help from its financial crisis. He also said that enemies no longer are feared of America and the Israel attacks serve as the best example for it.

He also threatened America to withdraw military or face worst consequences.