Mortal Kombat Imitation Sentences Teen for 36 Years

By | January 16, 2009

Video games are good to play. They are so popular because they take their players to a virtual world where they can do anything is not practicable in real life.

But when people try to imitate them, very miserable results take place and this case is a good example for it.

Lamar Roberts was an 18 – year old video game freak staying in Colorado. One day he and his 17 – year old girl friend named Heather Trujillo were baby sitting Trujillo’s 7 – year old half-sister Zoe Garcia. Inspired by the fantasies of the video game, the Mortal Kombat, they both started kicking and hitting poor Zoe savagely. Roberts didn’t stop hitting her though Zoe pleaded her to stop hitting; because he was drunk.

When Zoe stopped breathing, both cracked an egg into her mouth to see if she was just acting.

Roberts was sentenced to 36 years of prison. That means he is not going to see the world until he is 55 years old. Trujillo will be sent to serve the Colorado’s youth offender system for six years.