Main Reasons Why Specialty Jewelers Lost Market Share In 2008

By | May 4, 2009

Unsuccessfully, specialty jewelers are recording very much disappointing results than the industry as a total. Historically, specialty jewelers dropped market share during recessionary periods, and they did not seem to recover that market share.

The reason for specialty jewelers to lose market share are the exhausted burden from shoppers. Shoppers feel that they cant afford the prices that specialty jewelers charge. So, they prefer shopping at discounters. Shoppers should understand that the prices at most of the discounters and specialty stores are very much same for similar goods (even though much of the stock at discounters is sometimes lower quality which means that total price points are less, generating the idea of a deal) and they would generally get a lot of better value at specialty jewelers. But, the problem is comprehending this message to shoppers, and then making them to understand and trusting it. Specialty departmental stores recorded 0.22% of complete retail sales of 2008 with $1.9 billion dollars.

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